Productivity Tools

Productivity Tools – LastPass is a password manager that makes web browsing easier and more secure.  You can also share your login details with your outsourcers (without giving them the username and password).


DropBox – Probably the easiest way to store, sync, and, share files online.  It’s the perfect option for sending files to your team.


EverNote – I use this pretty much everyday and is one of my favorite tools online.  This tool makes it easy to organize your life online.  You can take notes, save url’s, web clips, files, images and entire web pages.


FreeMind – This is a free mind mapping software.  I use mindmaps to outline articles, new products, webinars and all my business ideas.


WunderList – An online app that allows you to manage your weekly to-do list.  It’s an intuitive platform that allows you to create to-do lists, check off items, delete items, and move tasks around. – This website helps you keep organized. Lets you make lists and will send you email reminders when things are due.  It also can integrate with Google calendar.


Google Calendar – An online calendar that allows you to easily plan out your month.  I use calendars for planning my content schedule for the month, our product promotions, and affiliate calendar for any training or contests that we’ll be doing with our affiliates that month.  So, I have a content calendar, a marketing calendar, and an affiliate calendar.

Google calendar will then send you email reminders for each task to help you stay on track.


The Action Machine – My favorite productivity tools that lets you organize your day and complete tasks so that you stay on track.  Simply enter your tasks and set a time limit for each one.  This one software will turn you into an action machine!


Dragon Dictation – Have you ever been away from your computer and suddenly got a great idea?  If you’re like me, it happens all the time.  Now what if you could capture all those ideas simply by speaking?  That’s what this app allows you to do.  It allows you to record your voice and then it turns your speech into a document or email.

This is one of the easiest ways to write emails, articles, and new blog posts on the go!


 – Very cool web design tool that allows you to see what your website looks like in different operating systems and browsers.  It’s a free and convenient way to test your website’s browser compatibility in one place. – Social Mention is a social media search engine that searches user-generated content such as blogs, comments, bookmarks, events, news, videos, and microblogging services.  Find out where people are talking about you, your content, and your products. – Full re-branding functionality to all your PDF ebooks.  Unlike any other PDF customizing tool available today, it lets you use unlimited, re-brandable links and email-addresses, add an expration date and more.  Use viralPDF to turn any PDF file into a viral marketing tool.  eBooks, special reports, articles…you name it!


WPOneTimeOffer– This plugin allows you to create one-time offers with an expiring countdown clock.  One of the best ways to create scarcity and increase sales.  This plugin creates offers that truly expire.  If someone leaves the page and then returns, the script ‘remembers’ where if left off.  Meaning it doesn’t start over. – Create a domain name contest and have hundreds of people think up cool ideas for your domain name. – Allows you to easily create a custom video intro to make your videos look more professional.


Long Tail Pro – This is by far one of my favorite keyword tools.  It’s quick, easy, and spits out hundreds of keywords in a matter of seconds.  Plus, it also allows you to see exactly how competitive those keywords are.  (a.k.a. how long it will take to rank for those particular keywords in Google)


RetentionCalls – This one-of-a-kind service allows you to make a personalized call to each of your customers immediately after they’ve purchased.  You can even schedule a set of follow-up calls to thank them, deliver bonuses, and get feedback.


HeadlineGenerator – Create engaging headlines, article titles, and subject lines on demand. – Free, simple, fast online meetings.  Share your screen instantly with anyone.


AppMakr – Create your own mobile app in 30 minutes.  No coding required. – Another option for creating your own mobile app.  No coding required.  Drag-and-drop app style builder.


BuzzStream – The #1 tool for blogger outreach. – It’s like Powerpoint but on steroids! – Allows you to create video scribe videos easily. – Allows you to create animated presentations and cartoon style video just by dragging and dropping.


Putler – This allows you to track and manage all of your customers from a single dashboard.


You can easily see how many sales you’ve made today, search for a specific customer, issue refunds with a single click, cancel or suspend a subscription, and track your monthly revenue goals.


Integrates seamlessly with PayPal, Stripe,, 2Checkout, Shopify, and many others.



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