Product Fulfillment

Product Fulfillment

What is Product Fulfillment?

Product fulfillment is the process of distributing a company’s goods to its customers in the most efficient, effective manner possible. It begins with the customer placing an order and ends with the product in the customer’s hands. From receiving and storing products to packaging and shipping them throughout the world, order fulfillment is a vital part of a business.
Product distribution, or fulfillment, can either be done in-house or by hiring an outside order fulfillment center. Businesses often hire fulfillment companies to streamline the fulfillment services as they already have the experience and expertise to manage product fulfillment. Whether you choose to keep the product distribution at your company or outsource to an order fulfillment center, the following steps remain the same.

Fulfillment Step 1: Receiving
Before you can ship a product to a customer, you must first receive the product from the manufacturer  at your warehouse. Upon the shipment’s arrival, the inventory should be counted to make sure that every item is accounted for and should also be inspected for damage. The items should then be added to the warehouse software by SKU (stockkeeping unit) to help keep track of inventory.

Fulfillment Step 2: Storage
Once the items have been inspected and added to your warehouse inventory software, you should organize the products in a way that’s easy to quickly find a specific item. This will make fulfilling orders much easier and faster in the future and increase the efficiency of your product distribution.

Fulfillment Step 3: Order Processing
Upon receiving an order, often via fulfillment software, the items are gathered from the warehouse in a timely manner, checked for quality and packed together to prepare for shipping.

Fulfillment Step 4: Shipping
The final step in the product fulfillment process is shipping. The package is weighed and the most cost effective and/or quickest method of delivery is determined. The order status is then updated to include the tracking information so the customer and seller can keep an eye on the shipment.

What are Fulfillment Services? Now You Know!
The above descriptions should explain the basics of product fulfillment and the services associated with it. These steps to product distribution will provide you with a simple guide to creating a cost and time efficient way of connecting your products to your customers. – They offer a full service shop for software duplication, replication, printing, packaging, and fulfillment needs. is used by many of the top Internet marketers. – Is a print and ship on demand service.  They will drop-ship to any address with no minimums, commitments, or contracks. – Another on-demand publishing and fulfillment option.


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