The Best Facebook Groups To Post In

The Best Facebook Groups To Post In

After many months of research and trial and error I’ve come up with a list of the best Facebook Groups to post in if you have a Home Based Business to promote. After all there’s no use wasting your time if you’re not going to have anyone see your posts and thus not get any results for your time and effort.

Although there are many other ways to promote your offer and get better results, by sheer numbers Facebook Groups will get you some results if used properly and with the right content.

Here I will show you what has worked best for me and what groups to stay away from as you are more likely to be wasting your time and effort.

Most people tend to prefer those groups with the most members and just blast them with whatever business or offer they are promoting.This strategy usually leads to a lot of work and time being wasted since unless someone is looking for exactly what you are promoting and happens to see your post nothing will come of it. Since most people posting in the Facebook Groups are already involved in a Home Based Business they are promoting, they are not there looking for another opportunity to get involved in and the likely hood of them even looking at what you have to offer is close to nil.

However there are some things you can do to increase your chances and get better results and this list of over 400 of the best Facebook Groups will help with that.  Again keep in mind that most people are just blasting away their opportunity in the hopes of recruiting and generating leads for their business. So here are some ways to take advantage of that for yourself and some easier ways to go about it.

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Posting in Facebook Groups For Best Results

– First off since most are looking for leads for their business if you are posting a way for them to achieve that you are more likely to see results. Posting something that will help people in what they are already looking for is more effective than trying to have them switch to your opportunity, even if they aren’t having much success with their own.

You can find some ideas here.  Ray Higdon also has one of the top blog’s around with a lot of helpful content on Marketing and Generating leads. You can find it here.

You can start some dialogue with a prospect much easier by helping them with something they are looking for and when you find an opportunity or solution that your business will solve then you can offer up your business as the answer to their problem.

-Posting in business Facebook Groups with a pinned post at the top is very ineffective. As I’ve stated a few times already, most people use these groups to blast their opportunity, not to scroll looking for content.

So if you were posting in the  Facebook Group in the example below, this is what you will see in a group with a pinned post when you’re done posting.  And this is what the next person that posts in the group will see and everyone after that.

Your post will be totally missed by everyone unless it happens to be an Open Group and one of your friends happens to see what you have posted in the scrolling feed on the right hand side of the window or on their news feed which is rare nowadays. People who are not your friends will not be exposed to it at all. If it’s a Closed Group it won’t even show up anywhere at all regardless.

Facebook Groups

Unless some one happens to scroll through the group, know one will ever see your post.

– To save time and get better results, use an automatic posting service like Hootsuite or PostPlanner which will allow you to post in more Facebook Groups at once and you can even schedule your post ahead of time. Be careful though when using these services as posting in too many Facebook Groups at once will get you trouble with Facebook and its policies. Usually around 20 or less at a time should be ok.

– Posting a picture or a link that will generate a picture will help attract attention to your post as well. Here’s an example:

Facebook Groups

Here is a list of Facebook Groups that you can join and put these strategies to use. You can simply right-click on each group and open it in a new tab. This will allow you to join many groups in a shorter amount of time. This strategy will also allows you to post in more groups quicker in case you decide not to get a posting service.

If you run a Facebook Group and would like it added to this list leave a comment with the link to your group.

Facebook Groups For Better Results

Added January 22 2014


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