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This course takes you through the process of setting up a membership site using open source software. We’ll be using WordPress software and some free plugins available in the WordPress repository.

In this course, it is assumed that you have WordPress installed and operational with a hosting company and that you have some knowledge about using the admin screens. We’ll be using the default WordPress theme but this information can be applied to any of the thousands of free themes available in the WordPress repository.

This membership site will be the foundation on which you can build a number of sites for yourself or for clients.

Starting a membership site is relatively straight forward. You have information that you only want to give access to those who have signed up and paid for the access to this content. This content can be document files, videos, forums or anything to which you can restrict access. It can be a one time price or it can be ongoing.

A membership sites success depends on your dedication to keeping it updated and relevant with information that can solve someones problems.

One task that is highly recommended is visiting the S2Member site and maybe registering for a free account. This is the primary plugin that runs the membership site and you will benefit from the information on this site.

Click here to visit the site and you can even join the community for free.

With that said we can start building the framework for a membership site that you can grow and enhance.

In this course we’ll be setting up a fully operational membership site that serves videos from an Amazon S3 account and using CloudFront to stream those videos. It will have different levels of membership that uses PayPal as the payment processor. When you complete this course you’ll have a functional membership site that can be adapted and expanded for you or your customers.

You can start at any point you’re comfortable. Each module builds on information from the previous module so, you’ll get the most from the course by starting at the beginning and watching them in order.

This is a fast paced course but you can stop and start the videos at any point. The videos are broken down into smaller segments so you won’t have to scroll through a larger video file to repeat a step.

Some of the instructions will be a simply process of repeating the steps until complete.

The WORDPRESS SETTINGS Video covers a few settings that should be configured before you start setting up the membership site.

The WORDPRESS THEMES video explains some basics about WordPress themes and the theme we use for the course.

The INSTALLING THE PLUGINS video covers the installation and activation of the S2Member Framework and the WP Show ID’s plugins that we use for the membership site. It also covers some required pages for setting up an S2Member site.

The PAYPAL DEVELOPER video covers the process of setting up a PayPal developer account for testing the payment processing on the site. This is recommended but can be skipped if you’re comfortable with the PayPal payment process.

The PAYPAL ACCOUNTS DETAILS video covers the settings to use and where to find the different settings that are required to setup a membership site with PayPal as the payment processor.

The PAYPAL IPN INTEGRATION AND THE PDT TOKEN video covers the steps necessary to keep the PayPal account synced with the membership site.

The MEMBERSHIP LEVEL SETTINGS video covers the parameters that are necessary for setting up membership levels.

The MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS PAGE video builds a page with the different levels and benefits for each level of membership using a table plugin for a nice easily updated options screen.

The PAYPAL BUTTONS CREATION video covers the creation of the PayPal buttons for the different levels and setting these buttons in the membership options page.

The REGISTRATION PAGE covers the design of the page that customers will use to login to the site. Giving the site a personal feel. This design covers the log-in screen and the lost password screen as well.

The AMAZON S3 AND CLOUDFRONT video covers the setup and configuration of an Amazon S3 account with the CloudFront option for delivering the content fast but also safely and securely.

The AMAZON CLOUDFRONT INTEGRATION video covers the information for integrating the CloudFront distribution with the Amazon S3 account.

The JW PLAYER video covers the configuration of the player that’s used to display videos.

The BASIC DOWNLOAD RESTRICTIONS video covers the settings necessary to access the restricted files using Amazon S3 and CloudFront.

The WELCOME PAGE video builds the page that members will be directed to when they sign-up for one of the membership levels.

The CONTENT RESTRICTION video covers the parameters for protection of the membership site content.

The ADDING VIDEOS video covers the steps for adding videos from the Amazon S3 bucket to pages using the S2Member shortcode with the JW Player.

The CREATING TEST ACCOUNTS video covers creating test accounts and making test purchases.

The SITE BACKUP video covers an important feature that is often overlooked – Backing Up The Site.

When finished you’ll have a operational membership site to grow and expand.

The steps in this series can be applied to a variety of membership sites that can be adapted to fit your market.


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