Ideas on how to promote your CPA offers


Ideas on how to promote your CPA offers



Twitter CPA offer Promotion

Twitter is not as hard as Facebook in case of links. So, you can just cover/shorten your CPA affiliate link using and promote on Twitter. Surprisingly, shorten links get more clicks on Twitter according to several researches. It’s better to start your twitter marketing from hashtag research for the best result. For that, visit hashtag analyzing tool such as and type any keyword that’s related to your CPA offer. For example, I typed “amazon” as there are several CPA offers related to amazon gift cards and deals. After pressing the search button you will get recent tweets that include #amazon and other related tags. Select some tags and get ready for your main work.

Promote CPA offers via Facebook

Facebook is known as the ocean of traffic as it gets more than 1 billion unique visitors daily. Here goes the effective formulas to promote CPA offers in Facebook. Remember, in case of Facebook you need to cover up your CPA offer link in the second method or you need to write a post in your blogspot blog. Firstly, do research and select some pages that are related to your chosen CPA offer. Make a real, trust worthy comment with CTA (Call to Action) so that people will click on your provided link. To leverage the whole process you can ask your friend to give thumbs up on your comment which will make you more authentic. Watch below image as an example, You can get laser targeted traffic by doing a little bit more deep work such as sending private messages. However, you need to keep in mind that in this case you need to be more conscious and strategic. Visit pages that are related to your CPA offer and read comments on each post and find someone who has problem and asking for help (your CPA offer must be able to solve the problem). Remember to mention his/her name and say how you found him/her while sending private message.

You can also start conversation with Hi, Hello, What’s up etc. and then come to your main point. Make sure you get replay from other side which will decrease your chances to be a spammer on Facebook. Look at below image as example, Now your job is to make tweets including hashtags that you have selected. Here are some tricks to make your tweets more visible and effective: Tweet 8-10 times a day Use 2-3 hashtags in each tweet Try to use a related picture in the tweet Besides tweeting you can also move to personal approach just like Facebook. For this, search in twitter by you keyword and see if anyone is asking for help that can end up with your CPA offer/product as the solution. If you think you can provide solution and make some bucks only then send direct message to him/her by describing about the solution.

Promote via Pinterest

Pinterest marketing is easy, interesting and of fun. Most amazingly, researchers found that average sell from Pinterest traffic is higher than Facebook traffic which is a clear sign of getting higher conversion rate from your CPA offers. In this case it will be better to write a post about your selected CPA offer and then drive traffic from Pinterest. On the other hand you can also use shorten links. Here are the easy steps to promote CPA offers in Pinterest: In case you are totally new, go to and sign up for an account. Write a good Profile name and description. Create a board that’s related to your CPA offer. For example: You can name your board “Clash of Clans Guru” as there are several CPA offers on COC mobile game. After that search on Pinterest by your keyword. Pin some nice images on your board and follow other boards of same niche (Don’t follow more than 100 boards in a day). This is how you can grow your followers on Pinterest. After having some followers you can start promoting your CPA offers by uploading and pinning images along with your offer link. Make sure you images are attractive and relevant. In order to add link in any pin of your board you need to open the image and click on edit button. Then put the link below in the box and save it. Remember, you can add link to pins that are uploaded by you. You cannot add link to any pin that you have repined from other boards.

Promote via Reddit

If you are totally new to Reddit then it’s better to avoid this section for now. Good news is you can get thousands of traffic from Reddit within a couple of hours if your post hits the top position in it. Bad news is Reddit community hate marketers. So, if you are willing to promote your CPA affiliate links or offers in Reddit you must be very very careful and strategic. Here are some tips to start with Reddit marketing, Get an account on and engage in the subreddits (these are individual groups on any specific topic/niche under Reddit). Act like a genuine community members and avoid all sorts of promotion at least for first month. Gather link karma (by posting helpful and funny links) and comment karma (make valuable comments in other posts). Use to track the most active and fast growing subreddits. After achieving some karmas you can write helpful post on any topic that’s related to your CPA offer (don’t forget to include the link of CPA offer or blogspot post) and publish it. Make your title attractive so that you can get more views and upvotes. Upvotes are the game changer in Reddit, so focus on getting more Upvotes from other community members. If you provide value via your post or link you will get upvotes.

Forum Marketing

Many people misunderstood forum marketing and end up with getting banned. Just posting the link in any forum post or reply is not called forum marketing. First you need to know the ultimate aim of forums. Forums are created to build a community and help each other, not to promote products and services. Signature enabled forums are best to get started. I am not going to provide any list of forums because it depends on your CPA offer niche. Find out some forums that are related to your selected CPA offer. Here are the steps that will lead you to successful forum marketing: Sign up for a signature enabled forum and complete you profile detail. Make sure the forum has enough members and visitors. Simply look at the number of threads and replies. Add your blogspot post’s link in the “Home page” or “Website” section of profile. Write a good looking sentence and include the link in signature section. Some forum do not allow direct affiliate link, in that case link to your blogspot post. After setting up your profile and signature start engaging and helping other forum members. Make friends, give replies, ask questions, give thumbs up and position yourself as a dedicated contributor of the forum.

Youtube CPA Marketing

Some CPA marketers are on fire just because of huge traffic from Youtube. If you are good at video making and editing then forget about all other methods and focus on making high quality videos. I know some CPA marketers who are making $10,000+ every month only via Youtube video marketing. Don’t worry if you are newbie and don’t know how to make videos. You can simply make a slide presentation in MS Powerpoint and record the presentation as video using any screen recorder like CamStudio, Ice-cream Screen recorder, Camtasia etc. Don’t make videos for the sake of making videos, make videos to get action from people. Below I have mentioned some tips to rank your Youtube videos so that you can get more traffic and can make more money, Go to and search for your specific keyword under the Youtube tab. Select a keyword that suits best to your selected CPA offer. Try to keep the length of video more than 2 minutes. Put your keyword in the name of video file (before uploading it), in title, in description part and in tags while uploading the video on Youtube. In order to accelerate the ranking share your video in all social medias as much as you can. You can also build some backlinks for your video to get the best result. Click here to see 17 effective link building methods.

Books you use with your link locker

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