Virtual Assistant

Hiring a Virtual Assistant


Eventually there will be a time in your business where you actually become the bottleneck for continued growth. In my opinion that generally occurs for most people around the 5K per month area. But regardless of where your business is right now you should start thinking about how to build your business around systems and processes.


I would suggest you start by outsourcing ‘ad hoc’ tasks. This will help you get comfortable with letting go of some of the menial tasks in your business. Once you start to get to see and feel how exciting it is to free up your time for more important tasks you will be hooked.


Start outsourcing things on a per project basis like maybe your logo, ebook cover, WordPress customization, audio and/or video editing, transcriptions, etc…


There are lots of providers I will be recommending in the section below where you can outsource one-off tasks. But in the section I’m going to show you all the tools and resources you’ll need to hire, train, and reward your full-time VA’s. – Helps you find the very best Filipino VA based on your specific needs. – This is the virtual assistant company used by Michael Hyatt. You can find someone to manage your email inbox, schedule appointments, plan your travel, gather research, send gifts, pay affiliates, and lots more.


VirtualAssistantAssistant– A third-party site which collects and posts honest reviews of virtual assistant companies. Help with finding the right virtual assistant the first time around. – Every process in your business should be documented in written steps. This is essentially your training manual for new team members.


Here is a perfect example:


Creating these processes and procedures allows you to effectively scale your business and eliminate bottlenecks.


Snagit – Easily capture screen captures for free. Perfect for adding images to your processes. You can illustrate the step-by-step process with numbered instructions and screen captures to train your team members quickly and efficiently.


Wunderlist – An easy to use (and free) task manager app, so you can upload, organize, etc daily and weekly tasks to each of your employees. You then push the tasks to the cloud and they receive their tasks right away.


LastPass – Share login details with your team members WITHOUT having to share the actual username and password. LastPass is a password manager that makes web browsing easier and more secure. With a single click you can share logins with specific team members.


RhinoSupport – Once you reach a certain size in your business, managing support via email becomes wild, unwieldy system. Rhino allows you to centralize your customer support and respond to all questions in a timely, consistent manner. Rhino also allows you to create multiple pre-written emails (i.e. canned responses) so that you can answer commonly asked questions in just a few clicks. Customer support is one of the first things you’ll want to outsource in your business.


Screenr – A super simple online tool you can use to create video training for your team members. Easily record a screencast showing how to edit a podcast, add an intro, post a new blog post, etc…


TimeTrade – This allows your clients, customers, or partners to automatically schedule a meeting with you. This could be for a coaching call, an interview, or podcast.


BaseCamp – An awesome project management system for managing your team members. BaseCamp allows you to upload document, create to-do-lists, and track what’s been completed on a daily basis.


Skype– I use this tool EVERYDAY!!! It’s a MUST have for sure. Skype is perfect for communicating with your team members. You will want to touch base with your team members at least once a week.


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