Product Creation

Product Creation


Creating your very own products to market and sell online is as you can imagine a BIG project. I’m talking about creating your own ebooks, audio courses and video trainings. How to protect your paid content so sneaky people can’t access your valued content for free. Choosing where to host videos for seamless delivery. Which shopping cart to use in order to accept payments from your customers. And more! So to make things easier for you I’ve created a comprehensive list of my favorite product creation tools to guide you along the way. – Pretty much the fastest and easiest way to sell your products through WordPress. All you need to do is enter your payment information and add your products. You get built-in statistics with graphs showing exactly how many sales you’ve make over time. Integrates seamlessly with either PayPal and Stripe.

They also offer add-ons for integrating with PayPal Pro,, Clickbank, JVZoo, Braintree, Dwolla, and many others.


Digital Product Delivery – This is another plug-and-play option that will allow you to just upload your products and enter your payment gateway. The difference here though is that it works outside of WordPress.


DLGuard – Your probably wondering how to protect your paid content, right? Well, DLGaurd allows you to secure your digital products quickly and easily. It integrates seamlessly with PayPal, Clickbank,, and many others.

I personally like to put most of my one-time products inside a membership site using Wichlist. I would strongly suggest that you put your one-time products into a membership site as well. This will allow you to easily deliver updates of your product, send out unannounced bonuses, drip-feed new content and increase the overall value.


Tech Support: – Need help with the tech side of your business? You can easily get access to a team of experts who will help you get it done. They can help setup your email marketing, your shopping cart, payment processor, online video, and social media. They can also install softwares and scripts for you.

Plus, they also can set up squeeze pages, sales pages, order pages, download pages, and so much more! – Convert any Microsoft Word document into a PDF.





Below are a few design resources that will allow you to quickly and easily create professional Powerpoints, video intros, intuitive product navigation and lots more…


OptimizePress 2.0 – This is my very favorite tool for creating my product download areas inside WordPress. It allows you to create membership portals and protect your content inside a really cool dashboard. – You will find cool graphics you can use with any type project. This is where I get most of my graphics found inside my product download areas and within my membership sites. They also have awesome Powerpoint Templates that will immediately make your videos look sharp and professional. – Create professional video intros in record time. This is a fun, simple way to dramatically increase the perceived value of your product. – Want to make your videos look amazing? VideoHive has hundreds of wicked video intros and templates for you to use inside your videos. You can have someone quickly customize the video template for you at




Audactity – Free software you can use to record audio for your products.


Audio Acrobat – Easily create and broadcast on-demand audio and video. – Record phone calls or teleconferencing calls for free. You can easily get on the phone with an associate in the industry and bang out some content which you can deliver to your subscribers and/or members. – Awesome place to find video intro music.





Camtasia Studio – This is my favorite software tool for creating and editing screen-capture videos. You can easily record your screen. I use this one tool for 99% of my training videos.


Screenflow (Mac) – Screen-capture software for the Mac.


iMovie / Windows Maker – This is a free alternative for screen-capture software.


YouTube – This is where I store and publish all of my videos. Using YouTube you’ll never have to worry about running into bandwidth problems.


Webinars: – The top pick when it comes to webinars. Engaging your customers and subscribers on a LIVE webinar is priceless. – Google Hangouts are quickly becoming a viable alternative to GoToWebinar.


MeetingBurner– A alternative to GoToWebinar if GTW is a bit pricey for you).



Video Cameras:


If you need to create on-screen video’s for you content or product, here are the best cameras on the market…


FlipCam Ultra HD – Allows you to create videos fast and easy.


Kodak Playtouch – Has an audio input to ensure REALLY good sound quality.





Logitech Headset – This is by far my favorite headset for recording my screencast videos and live webinars.


Sales Letter Templates:


Lead Pages – Create really good squeeze pages. The point-and-click dashboard allows you to create new pages in under 10 minutes. Lead pages allows you to create a very professional-looking sales letter in just a few minutes. Obviously your sales copy will take a bit more time, but once it’s just a copy and paste away from snazzy! – This will actually help you create your sales copy with it’s fill-in-the-blank templates.


Optimize Press 2.0 – This is my very favorite tool for creating squeeze pages, launch pages, sales pages, membership sites, and more. Very professional and offers amazing step-by-step video tutorials to walk you through everything. OP2.0 offers more flexibility than Lead Pages.



Custom PDF Design:


Tracy Yates – Tracy is one of the best when it comes to designing the INSIDE of your ebook. You can make your ebook look very professional with her services. Tracy can be found over at the Warrior Forum. – Another really good option for getting the internal layout of you ebook looking sweet.