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The Marketing Content Creation is a core activity for information marketers online (or marketers using SEO strategies to drive traffic to their websites). Marketing Content Creation new blog posts. Podcasts. Emails. And more. But finding the best ideas for your next blog post can be difficult. I use a system that I have developed over the years for creating sweet ass content. Below you will find the exact tools I use in my business of Marketing Content Creation… – Here’s my favorite way for finding killer Marketing Content Creation ideas. Just go to and type in So I might type in or

Here is the next step for unlocking the gold…


Once you have entered your search, you’ll see some additional options on the left-hand side of the screen. Select either ‘past 30 days or ‘all time’. And, below that just select ‘links’.


This will actually show you the most popular blog posts for that particular website in the past 30 days. With just one site alone you will find countless content ideas.


It will also allows you to instantly find the social influencers who shared that content. Which is awesome for blogger outreach. – A great content discovery engine. Just search for the specific topic you are looking for and you’ll find hundreds of the best of the best articles about that specific topic. – Your all-in-one suite for finding and sharing great content.


Google Calendar – It’s really important that you plan out your content a month in advance. If you don’t, I find that life gets in the way and you end up falling short of your content goals. So I like to plan out my blog posts at the beginning of each month using Google Calendar.


This also allows you to strategically schedule your blog posts to integrate with related affiliate programs. Here’s a bonus tip to maximize your blog revenue: I recommend reviewing at least one product per month and writing at least two content-driven posts that integrate well with a product recommendation.

Here’s an awesome guide on How to Use Google Calendar to Create and Editorial Calendar.


WordPress Editorial Calendar – Another content creation option is you can create a content calendar directly within WordPress using a plugin called Editorial Calendar.


Dragon Dictation – This is a really cool app that allows you to record your voice and then turns your speech into a document or email.


Have you ever been away from the computer and suddenly got an awesome idea? If you are anything like me…it happens all the time. Now you can capture all those ideas simply by speaking!


I have found that this is one of the easiest ways to write emails, content creation, articles, and create brand new original blog posts on the go!