Social Media for Business – How to Optimize your Facebook Page

Business owners should consider using Facebook as either their main or alternative marketing strategy. This revolutionary social media site has taken the world by storm, and in a couple of years, has generated the following numbers (data is official Q1 data from Facebook):

–    There are 1.11 billion Facebook users
–    There are 665 million active Facebook users daily
–    There are 50 million Facebook pages
–    There are 751 million Facebook mobile users
–    Average daily Facebook likes is 4.5 billion
–    Average number of page likes per Facebook user is 40

The list goes on, but these numbers are the main focus as to why business owners should never ignore Facebook. At any given time, your Facebook page could be liked by a fraction of those 665 daily Facebook users. Even if your page has garnered a thousand likes, it can still do wonders for boosting your business’s traffic, regardless if you have a physical office or an online store.

If you want to attract more Facebook users to your page, here are a few tips on how you can optimize it for search engine visibility and increased Facebook visibility:

1.)    Include the complete name of your business – Don’t skimp on your business name on Facebook. It’s a good way of building your brand and your existing customers could be looking for you. For example, if your customers know you as ABC Laundry Centre, that should be your Facebook page name. Having your complete business name is also important because there’s a chance that your business may have the same name as another business, like ABC Consultancy.

2.)    Include complete details – Your business address and contact info should be posted on your page’s ABOUT US or ABOUT section. This should give your customers an idea on where to find you or how to get in touch with you outside of Facebook.

3.)    Provide proper tags and names for your videos and images – Your images and videos should have proper tags, like if you’re showcasing a new gaming rig then your photo should have the tag or title of “New Gaming Rig”. It should be relevant to the content you’re posting.

4.)    Provide links when necessary – When posting a status, Facebook creates a thumbnail of any link to a website. This should make it more enticing to click on because your viewers already have a glimpse of what the link contains. When posting content, whether it’s image or an article, try to insert your website’s link when necessary. Don’t spam though.

It’s really easy to optimize Facebook pages. If a 13 year old kid can run a page, I’m betting so can you.

How To Get Your Pins Indexed Properly For Higher Visibility

Keyboard, Hand, Pin, Pinterest, Computer
As you begin to explore Pinterest you will notice that this highly visual social network is not the same as other the social networking sites and that you need to put some serious thought into getting your pins indexed properly

To effectively get your pins to climb the ranks of Pinterest, you have to understand and focus your attention on the keywords in your
descriptions, hashtags, and links. This is critical because pinboard’s mostly involve posting and uploading unique, entertaining, compelling images, photos, and videos.
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How To Boost Lead Generation With Pinterest

If you think that Pinterest is a fad, you risk missing out on the next best thing to happen in the Internet. In fact, this early Pinterest has shown a lot of promise in boosting lead generation. Marketers are actually drooling and have hailed Pinterest as a great lead generation tool. However, if you just dismiss Pinterest as a passing fad then you may be signing your own death warrant.
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How To Advertise And Win With Facebook

Facebook New Logo (2015).svg

Facebook is a potential advertising site. Millions and Millions of users are visiting the page every minute to update with family and friends. Not only that, they even play games in their pages that makes them take longer time to stay.

Advertisers are eyeing on the opportunity given by Facebook. As the users are continuously growing every day, so is the opportunity of having an effective advertisement. Studies show that when an audience is frequently seeing an ad for just three second several times a day, he would likely to patronize the product in the ads. Faceebook users stay more than 3 seconds on their page. They even take more than an hour reading recent stories, so, there is the potential.
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How Pinterest works And The Advantages It Has To Offer

Did you know that Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing social
networking sites in history?

Surpassing even Facebook and Twitter in terms of rapid growth, with
its user base of over 10 million people spending an average of an hour or more a day pinning, repining and sharing images.

Even though it’s only been around for a short time this extremely
popular image-based network is quickly changing the face of social
media and there is no doubt that it can be both fun and beneficial from business standpoint.

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