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How To Make Money With Pinterest

So you have heard about Pinterest and want to make money from it. We have to set expectations here before moving forward. The fact remains that Pinterest has a bit of an issue with doing business using their system. That is why a lot of people that used to have affiliate links on Pinterest got… Read more »

Four Tips To Top At Facebook Advertising

Facebook ad campaigns are increasingly gaining popularity among business owners and advertisers. With millions of users using this social networking site almost every day, many businessmen can’t help but turn their attention to it. What’s more Facebook has many apps and features that allow advertisers to target the right niche for their products based on… Read more »

Facebook encourages text statuses

Because there are so many social network terms out there, lets start by distinguishing early on what a Facebook status actually is. A Facebook status is a post that appears for your contacts to read. Whereas before, Facebook statuses were immediately broadcast for everyone, now there are plenty of privacy settings to protect the person… Read more »

Facebook Events to Promote Your Business

Facebook Events are an excellent way to increase brand awareness by bringing together people virtually or in person. You can use Facebook Events to promote a product launch or to market an existing product by offering attendees a bonus in the form of a discount coupon. The value of hosting a Facebook Event lies in… Read more »

Eight Steps At Boosting Your Facebook Ads

Facebook has become a very influential social networking site and with it comes a new range of techniques and applications for your business, and most of them are free. Making use of some or all of the tools discussed below can increase your online presence significantly. These applications are just examples, and there may be… Read more »

The Ultimate Restaurant Marketing Guide [Infographic]

Just as a master chef combines various flavors, restaurants must combine their offline presence, their online presence, and their dine-in experience to create a delicious—and successful—marketing combo. Read the full article at MarketingProfs